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The Battle to stay relevant

A look at the popular social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat battle for your attention By Jeremy Morantz While the threat of international war may be looming, the battle inside our smartphones is in full force. Data analysis firm Experian Information Solutions released a study that indicates over 98 percent of college students actively use at least one social media network. Top social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat are constantly competing for the attention of the college demographic. These two popular social media apps constantly rival each other for the greater number of monthly active users. As it stands, Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is outperforming Snapchat in monthly active users. According to data from Omnicore Agency and Statista, Instagram has garnered 800 million monthly active users as of late 2017, while Snapchat holds over 300 million monthly active users. Students at Red River College suspect Instagram’s current stronghold could be due to the social media app’s recent edition of Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories are a controversial addition to the platform, some believing that Instagram unfairly stole Snapchat’s famed feature, My Story. “I actually don’t use Snapchat at all anymore,” said Ginger Enns, a 19-year-old Graphic Design student at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus. “I feel like I only use it for the texting now ‘cause with Instagram adding Stories now Snapchat kind of fell off.” In...

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Local artist throws free show at Warehouse Artworks

Shane (Mini) Davis displays new works at Exchange District gallery   By William Rhoda   It’s Saturday night in the Exchange District and something’s going on at Warehouse Artworks. A passerby comes in off the street and asks a gallery employee who the featured artist is. Shane (Mini) Davis, the artist, is standing an arms-length away, making sure his guests’ wine glasses stay full while discussing a series of pastel pieces he’s displaying. He says that some of his work took less than six hours to make, which seems to baffle some, but Davis, 60, has spent most of...

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Cyclists by design

New bike lockers at Notre Dame campus feature notable Winnipeg locations   By: David Boulet   The designs on the new bike lockers at Red River College’s Notre Dame campus are for more than just aesthetic – they’re meant to represent the different commuters that might use them.   Marc LeBrun, a graphic designer at Red River College and an avid cyclist, said he worked with the college’s sustainability office to come up with the exterior designs.   “The goal of each locker was to give each its own personality,” said LeBrun. “I didn’t want it to look like just one type of...

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