Author: Ashlyn Peterson

Renting in Wolseley

Students concerned about living conditions, attend MLA Rob Altemeyer’s meeting to discuss the Residential Tenancies Act By Ophélie Petit On the first of November last year, George Penner had to live in his rented apartment without heat. Penner, 21, contacted his landlord, but it wasn’t fixed for another two weeks. The same thing happened again for three weeks in January. “We don’t have internal thermostats,” says Penner, who lives in Wolseley. “I think there’s something to adjust the heat in the downstairs neighbour’s suite, but I don’t know anything about it.” Penner says he has also had to deal with...

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The student debt crisis continues

Why budgeting is essential for university and college students By Madeline Grant     Canadian students are struggling with finances. It’s an ongoing crisis that – according to experts – shows no sign of slowing down. In 2015, The Canadian University Survey Consortium surveyed more than 18,000 graduating students from 36 Canadian universities. The average student in debt owed $26,819. Tuition, rent, food and other expenses can be overwhelming for students with a limited income. “Students aren’t prepared for handling their own expenses,” said Dustin Kiliwnik, a financial planner at the Royal Bank of Canada. “Many are living on...

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Revenge for the Rebels

RRC Mens basketball team win MCAC final By Neil Noonan There’s nothing like getting sweet revenge in sports. Whether individually or as a team, it’s a feeling all competitors covet, and the Rebels’ men’s basketball team just got their taste. The Rebels defeated the Canadian Mennonite University Blazers 88-75 in the MCAC Men’s Basketball Championship on Saturday and reclaimed the top spot in the conference. In last year’s final, the Rebels were upset by their Route 90 rival and had their unprecedented eight-straight championship streak snapped, the longest such in MCAC history. “I remember what it felt like in the...

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The Battle to stay relevant

A look at the popular social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat battle for your attention By Jeremy Morantz While the threat of international war may be looming, the battle inside our smartphones is in full force. Data analysis firm Experian Information Solutions released a study that indicates over 98 percent of college students actively use at least one social media network. Top social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat are constantly competing for the attention of the college demographic. These two popular social media apps constantly rival each other for the greater number of monthly active users. As it stands, Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is outperforming Snapchat in monthly active users. According to data from Omnicore Agency and Statista, Instagram has garnered 800 million monthly active users as of late 2017, while Snapchat holds over 300 million monthly active users. Students at Red River College suspect Instagram’s current stronghold could be due to the social media app’s recent edition of Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories are a controversial addition to the platform, some believing that Instagram unfairly stole Snapchat’s famed feature, My Story. “I actually don’t use Snapchat at all anymore,” said Ginger Enns, a 19-year-old Graphic Design student at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus. “I feel like I only use it for the texting now ‘cause with Instagram adding Stories now Snapchat kind of fell off.” In...

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