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Fire evacuees need support

Thousands of evacuees from northern First Nations in need of support BY MELISSA HANSEN One of my favourite parts of summer is camping — sitting around the fire, having a beer while roasting marshmallows — I’ll sit and watch the flames change colours and wave the smoke out of my eyes. But as I pack up my camping gear and put it away for another year, I notice the headlines of the newspapers that I have crumpled up and used all summer to start our campfire flames. While for me, fire has been something to celebrate and enjoy, for some Manitoban communities it has become a bit of a nightmare. For over a week now thousands from the Manitoba Island Lakes Region have been being evacuated from their homes due to forest fires. The convention center is filled with cots and the hotels available are booked solid with families who had to evacuate their homes. Suddenly the luxury of spending my weekends having bonfires in my friend’s backyards doesn’t seem so luxurious. While I spent my long weekend stuffing my face with marshmallows and staring into the dancing flames, people were forced to abandon their homes and belongings, families were separated and it left people are just hoping they have a home to go back home to when this is all done. As a student, I don’t have a lot of...

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Jays going to the well too often

Home run happy Jays need more balanced approach going forward BY DECLAN SCHROEDER There’s a Jamaican saying which worked its way into wider public consciousness after Eric Clapton sang it in his smash-hit cover of “I Shot the Sherriff,” originally written by Bob Marley. It goes “every day the bucket goes to the well, but one day the bottom will drop out.” In essence, it means that depending on the same thing day after day, without any contingency or plan B, will eventually result in disaster. This adage is playing out in The Big Smoke this year with the Toronto Blue Jays. They keep going to the well in hopes of pulling out home runs. The well isn’t completely dry, but it’s not producing enough to irrigate a playoff berth. Over the past handful of seasons, “Canada’s team” has lived and died by the long ball. This year, they’ve died by it. The home run is not, and will never be, a sustainable form of offense. The Blue Jays’ one-trick approach is the reason they’re looking up at the rest of the American League East like a toddler at a top-shelf cookie jar. Sure, home runs are exciting. They get butts into seats, especially those of casual fans who come to imbibe beer and see “Joey Bats” swing out of his shoes. Case in point – the Blue Jays...

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New coach, new year for men’s soccer

BY CASSIDY DANKOCHIK There will be a new face on the sidelines at Red River College soccer games starting Sept. 10, as Charles Mrena takes over coaching the men’s team.   Mrena brings a high level of coaching experience to the team. He has led the Bonivital Premier Division team in the Manitoba Major Soccer League and spent time coaching in England. “The difference between North American soccer and Europe is the professionalism,” said Mrena before a pre-season game.   “That carries into the way the players train, that carries into the way the games are officiated. As a...

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Burgers Down the Block

BY LUKE REMPEL   Some of Le Burger Week’s wildest creations were within walking distance of Red River College’s Exchange District campus. King and Bannatyne collaborated with Bronuts to make a burger-donut hybrid, Chosabi created a seafood burger, while Clementine Café’s burger was submerged in a beef and onion broth.     Le Burger Week is an annual celebration of burgers in Winnipeg. Between Sept. 1-7, participating restaurants make specialty burgers. The public can vote for their favourite burgers online. “It’s kind of cool, you get people going out to get burgers this week instead of just hanging around...

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