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Indigenous teachings empowering women

Women’s Medicine Wheel teachings at Red River College By Samantha Don Elder Mae Louise Campbell opens the door to an empty room in the Red River College (RRC) Exchange District campus. No one has shown up to her teaching on the Women’s Medicine Wheel. “These teachings are crucial because of what has happened historically,” said Campbell, an advocate in Indigenous forms of women’s healing. “But no one decided to show up today.” Campbell has held teaching sessions at RRC, with little to no attendance, to teach female staff and students about the Women’s Medicine Wheel and how it can...

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Winnipeg’s coolest (snow) sculptures

Snow sculptures take over the streets during Festival du Voyageur By Jennifer Pazdor David Macnair’s sculpture of two voyageur heads sits at the corner of Provencher Blvd. and Saint Joseph Road. David Macnair’s sculpture of two voyageur heads looks out over Provencher Blvd. Snow sculpture outside of the Legislative Building in Winnipeg made by David Macnair. One of multiple ‘toque and boots’ snow sculptures on Provencher Blvd. signalling the Festival du Voyageur season. Broadway and Main Street snow sculpture by Denis Vrignon Tessler. The first part of the double snow sculpture Bird on a Wire made by Geertje Jacob,...

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Men’s Futsal team battling for playoff spot

Rebels sit in fourth and final playoff spot after victory over CMU By Cassidy Dankochik Ronaldo Garcia had never played a competitive Futsal match before, but that didn’t stop him from playing the key role in the Red River College Rebels 3-2 victory over the CMU Blazers. The blazers had just tied the game late in the second half, but Garcia and the Rebels had a response. Garcia laid a perfect pass in for his second assist of the game. “I just got the ball in the right spot and made the play,” he said after the game. With...

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Planes, trains and automobiles: commuting to RRC

How do you get to school? By Geralyn Wichers and Cameron Eason Jordan Wall was t-boned by a car sliding through an intersection while driving to school last year. Wall, 28, is an electrical student and drives from Niverville to RRC’s Notre Dame campus. Wall wasn’t late for class despite the entire rear of his truck being destroyed. He had been on his way to meet his carpool so they picked him up. Given the choice, Wall said he’d still drive himself to school every day. Sixty-three per cent of RRC students and staff commute to school in their own vehicles, Red River College’s Transportation Plan said, and 19 per cent take the bus. A 2013 RRC student survey said that 52 per cent of students take transit in the fall and winter months. Taylor Jane, 22, said that commuting by transit sometimes includes listening to the life stories of her fellow passengers, even if she’s not interested. “Winnipeg Transit is always filled with interesting individuals,” said Jane, a business administration student. “But I’m here to listen.” Jane drives to the Exchange District campus with her mom, then takes the bus home. If there was more parking available, Jane said she would drive herself or carpool “to help save the environment.” Cairo Humphries, 21, said she’s been harassed by a fellow transit passenger. She said an older man stood...

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Cigarettes up in smoke, college committed to tobacco-free campuses

Red River College is committed to a smoke-free zone, but some students feel inconvenienced By: Gina Contreras With the recent ban of smoking on patios, questions may come up about whether smoking bans on school campuses are effective or not. Red River College’s (RRC) Notre Dame and Exchange District campuses have smoking policies that prohibit smoking on campus grounds with the exception of specifically designated areas. The policy states that smokers must be a minimum of ten meters away from any entrance. “It’s for health reasons, if they’re close to the door the smoke enters the school and people...

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