Author: Kit Muir

Performance in paint

 Wall-to-Wall 2017 in photos BY: JENNIFER PAZDOR   EN MASSE (meaning “as a whole”) mural by artists, Jason Botkin, MC Baldassari, Takashi Iawasaki, Jade Rennie-Harper, Storm Angeconeb, Matea Radic, and Jay Cabredo. A collaborative mural in Winnipeg’s North End on Main Street added for Wall-to-Wall in September 2017. Mural Nibaa, by artist Mike Valcourt, on the public safety building in the Exchange District. The piece is dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was fully unveiled on Sept. 30, 2017. Displayed at the Wall-to-Wall: place no place event at LANTERN is a piece by Katherine Boyer...

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Wanted: Student Housing

RRC SHOWS INTEREST IN EXPANDING Exchange District residences BY: AISLINN HICKS   Red River College (RRC) has expressed interest in expanding student housing in the Exchange District. The college is looking at the Public Safety Building (PSB) located across from the Princess Campus as a potential location.   Though, a spokesperson for the college said RRC has no immediate plans to expand student housing, and has made no decisions about the college using the PSB.   The city would like to remove the PSB and Civic Parkade to redevelop the land at the corner of William Ave and King St. A report on Mayor Brian Bowman’s official website says the building would cost roughly three times what other structures similar in age would to restore.   Kylie Clark, the manager of Campus Living for RRC says student housing is always in high demand.   “We are lucky to offer such amazing accommodations and services within our residence to a limited number of people,” said Clark.   The current student housing for the Exchange District Campus is located at Paterson GlobalFoods Institute and contains 100 beds, 95 of which are in use. The residence has no parking and is open to students from other post-secondary institutions, with priority given to RRC students.   “It’s full,” said Artur Nakashima, a 23 year-old RRC student who lives in the Exchange District housing....

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Graphic Design Grad Finds Success in a Snap

Martin Bshouty is the CCO at Geofilter Studio, the largest supplier of Snapchat filters in the world BY: KEILA DEPAPE Running a multi-million-dollar company isn’t a realistic two-year plan for most recent grads, but that’s exactly what happened for one Red River College (RRC) Graphic Design graduate.   Martin Bshouty, 24, is the chief creative officer at Geofilter Studio, a Winnipeg-based company that’s become the largest supplier of Snapchat geofilters in the world.   The mere concept of placing filters over images and sending them through smartphones was in its infancy when Bshouty started college in 2013.   At...

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 NUIT BLANCHE 2017 IN PHOTOS BY ALLY SIGURDSON   The Neon Factory was crowded with viewers from the moment it opened on September 30. People from all over Winnipeg came to say goodbye to the building before it closes down for good. Stephen Wasylenko, 25, and Tessa Gauthier, 22, took the tour through the Neon Graveyard during Nuit Blanche. “This will be my first and last time in this building,” said Gauthier. The Neon Factory showcased it’s beautiful and bizarre pieces, lighting up the building in a sea of bright colours. Friends Kalena, Rebekah and Janna took part in...

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Alcoholics Anonymous Looks to Start Group at RRC

BY: KEILA DEPAPE Red River College is opening its doors to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) this fall.   Students will soon be able to meet regularly with peers to talk through substance abuse in a safe space on campus.   “We know there has been a group for about 30 years at the University of Manitoba,” said RRC mental health coordinator Breanna Sawatzky. “So we have some reason to hope that it will be successful at Red River College as well.”   If total anonymity is a priority, the AA group on campus may not be for you, but for...

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