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RRC Plants Students in a Learning Environment

Students can leaf their stress behind by Kathryn Sequeira     Plants cover the Exchange District Campus Red River College, but students either haven’t noticed or don’t question it. These green friends can be nice to look at, but studies that show that they can actually benefit students in a school setting.   “I can’t say I’ve ever stopped to actually think about them,” said Ashlyn Erickson, RRC Digital Media Design student. “You don’t realize if it makes you feel better, but it does.”   Student’s memory can increase by 20 per cent by being in the presence of...

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Panhandling in Your School

Despite the mayor’s recommendations, student security in the Exchange sees no shift anytime soon.   By Katherine Ivey   Students at Red River College will not be able to relax anytime soon when it comes to panhandlers around the school.   Mayor Brian Bowman said he wants to crack down on aggressive panhandlers at a news conference in late March. However, Red River College and the rest of downtown may not see this any time soon.   Some students feel stressed out walking to school at the Exchange District Campus.   Emily Langley, a first-year Business Administration student, walks...

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Showcase to Sonoma: SpaRRCky Speeds to California Raceway

Red River College students showcase their design at ARI Day weeks before they compete in Shell Ec0-marathon by Maddy Reico Ari Robinson and his team of Mechanical Engineering Technology students at Red River College have been meeting every Wednesday for over two years to design and build a battery electric car – SpaRRCky.   They haven’t had all the practice time they’d like, and have resorted to driving it through the hallways of the college and around the campus gym.   This week they are headed to California to race it.   The Shell Eco-marathon at the Sonoma Raceway...

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Downtown Parking Rates Increase

With Winnipeg’s 2018 budget changes taking effect, downtown drivers are taking a hit. BY Andrew Lysack Driving to school might be too expensive for students at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus.   On April 1, the City of Winnipeg raised on-street parking by $1.50, which is almost twice as much as it was before, previously sitting at $1 or $2 per hour depending on the location.   “The increase of parking fare to me is incredibly ridiculous especially considering many people can barely afford the parking fare now,” said Taylor Capulong, 18, an employee at Skip the Dishes’...

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Manitoba Repeals Universal Healthcare for International Students

Repeal causing financial headaches, forcing some Red River College students to seek jobs BY Zoe Mills   On March 29, Red River College’s Business Administration students Anastasiia Mitropolenko, Sarah Li and Thamyris Salguerio received the same email from the college saying that, as international students, they would no longer be eligible for free universal healthcare.   This news comes after a decision made by the provincial government to repeal universal health care for international post-secondary students on Sept. 1, 2018.   “I was like, really, you’re going to throw this on me, too?” said Mitropolenko, 20, who moved to...

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